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Biometric Single Sign On (SSO)

Rosman Computers releases market changing technology with Fujitsu Palm Secure F-Pro Mouse for Biometric Single Sign-On for windows user account logins, with full integration into Microsoft Active Directory.

 Fujitsu Palm Secure F-Pro Palm Vein Biometric Mouse

What is Single Sign On?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is highly secure means for users/employees to log in to their Microsoft Windows desktop user account plus a lot more. In fact, with a robust SSO solution, you can log in to all your applications irrespective of if they are local, cloud or web without needing to remember all the different usernames and passwords.

An Organisation without Single Sign ON

The biggest issue password policy ignores is the “human factor”. Security experts recommend making passwords “stronger” which means upping password complexity. Yet experts expect employees to conform to the challenge of having to remember the ever-increasing complexity of their passwords. Employees are also expected to change their passwords frequently, especially in some industries (medical) to keep up with the company’s policy and regulatory compliance. In some cases, employees’ have been known to resort to writing passwords on sticky notes attached to their computers.

Statistics without SSO

  1. Password reset cost: $70 per help desk call on average (Gartner)
  2. On average 2.5 calls per year to help desk to reset passwords (Gartner)
  3. Keeping up with policy whether it be internal or legislative
    • 50% of employees still write down their passwords
    • A third (33%) of all people share their passwords
  4. As people start to use the same passwords more and more for applications
    • 67% for more than 5 applications
    • 31% for 9 applications or more
  5. Password Policy is becoming more complex, as time progresses the difficulty in remembering passwords increases.
  6. 1 help desk employee for every 76.9 company employees

Password reset costs without SSO

In an organisation of a 1,000 people - The Stats

  1. 500 employees write down their passwords
  2. 330 employees share their passwords

Cost of Password Resets:

  1. 1000 employees, 2500 password resets per year (2.5 times per employee) (Gartner)
  2. 2500 times $70 each password reset results in a cost of $175,000.00 a year. (Gartner)

Login Costs of Entering Passwords Manually

  1. Average login time approx. 5 seconds
  2. For example, an average person logs into 5 applications a day $90/year in lost time
  3. Estimated $90,000.00 dollars on average a 1000 personnel enterprise would lose every year in productivity

Job Satisfaction Issues without SSO

  1. Frustrated with password complexity and change policy
  2. Embarrassment and annoyance at always having to call helpdesk for password resets

For more information on the Fujitsu Palm Secure F-Pro Mousehttp://www.fujitsu.com/fts/products/computing/peripheral/accessories/security/palmsecure-f-pro.mouse/

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