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We are in the middle of a technological boom, a revolution of sorts in which information technology is constantly changing, evolving and the change is accelerating. Now, more than ever, it’s important that your I.T. partner is capable of ensuring that you can be ready to meet those changes and that you have the right solutions for today as well as tomorrow. An investment and implementation of the wrong solution today could have dire consequences for tomorrow.


Since 2003, we have been passionate about what we do as we have developed a constantly adaptive environment, able to produce quality I.T. equipment that is consistently updated and functional. By performing at industry-leading standards for over 15 years, we have created a reputation that allows us to stand out in our community, producing a kind of service that makes all of our clients want to stay, and while we make getting out of our contracts easy, proudly none of our business clients have left.


We believe in a total transparency in everything we do. This means fixing prices, never overselling you, providing you with all of the settings, configuration details and passwords that are specific to you, documented up front in order to allow you to make any changes you should see fit. We believe that our clients should have the power over their technology.


Over 76 years of combined experience to our name, we have carefully selected staff in order to provide you with a level of quality that you can trust to get the job done in a way that exceeds your expectations while delivering the best customer experience. On staff, we have employees who have earned:

  • Executive Masters of Business Administration - EMBA 
  • Masters of Applied Finance Distinction - MAppFin
  • Masters of Information Technology - MIT
  • Diploma of Network Administration - DNA
  • Cisco Certified CCNA 
  • Cisco Certified CCNP 
  • VMware and Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure - VDI
  • Microsoft Certified - MCSA
  • ITIL Certifications

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