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If you have a new desktop computer and what to get the most out of the experience then you want to make sure your monitor is up to the challenge. This is why Rosman Computers Thirroul store stocks a full range of LED monitors for desktop computers, laptops, and Apple Macintosh Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. No matter the monitor you are looking for, whether it is 4K LED gaming monitor, or a 4K LED Monitor for Adobe CC graphics and video rendering, or any of the CAD software packages, it’s well worth the drive to Rosman Computers in Thirroul. We can supply nearly any LED monitor on the market today and are always happy to work out best deals and sale prices. We don’t only stock high end LED monitors, we carry all the standard full HD LED monitors available in 10”, 21.5”, 22”, 24”, 27, 28”, 32” and bigger. Rosman Computers are your local computer experts in the Wollongong region. Rosman computers stock all major brands including Samsung, ASUS, Viewsonic, LG, BENQ, AOC, HP, Lenovo & Dell.  Samsung is renowned for their full HD 27”-inch curved LED monitors for a truly immersive experience commonly desired by gamers. For an excellent value for money 4K gaming monitor consider an ASUS 28”-inch LED monitor. If you're on a budget or have a tight space restriction, consider an AOC 19.5" inch or 23.6”-inch LED monitor.  If you are a graphic designer using Adobe CC or use CAD cam software, then it will be no surprise to you that the DELL range of monitors are at the cutting edge of quality. DELL monitors are synonymous amongst professional users worldwide and Dell manufactures some of the highest grade 4K 32” -inch LED monitors available in the market.  If you're in the medical profession and are viewing Dicom images for diagnosing and treating your patients, then Philips monitors that are certified to support Dicom images should be your first choice. A normal everyday monitor is not designed or certified to support the viewing and consequential accurate diagnosis from Dicom images. Furthermore, Philips Dicom monitors are made with antibacterial properties for obvious health and hygiene reasons. For business users Rosman computers recommend Lenovo business grade LED monitors.