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Power Products 


Rosman Computers understands we live in a world which is constantly consuming power this is why we make sure we have the capability to provide power products (power banks, surge arrestors, uninterruptible power supplies, line conditioners, UPS and more) at the cheapest prices which will allow for you to continue to use your devices all day every day. Protect yourself against power surges with surge protected power boards ranging from entry level to boards recommended for professional workstations. We have a wide range of power products at great prices to make sure there is more than one option when it comes to powering your device whether that be a laptop, phone, desktop or simply just charging a device. The UPS brands we stock include APCCyberPower, Delta, Eaton, KSTAR and Upsonic from entry-level desktop versions through to enterprise and industrial rackmount uninterruptible power supplies. 

For office and business installations we stock a range of Power Distribution Units (PDU) from brands including (Aten NRGenceLinkBasic, Delta Basic and Power Shield).